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one year of healthy meal plans for busy families

Monthly  family-friendly, 

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weekly and monthly shopping lists, 

weekly prep-ahead instructions, and so much more -

 all in one PDF download!

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I used to struggle with meal time. When my daughter was diagnosed with Celiac disease, dinner became even more of a challenge!  I knew how to prepare healthy meals, but I had a hard time putting those healthy ideas into practice. I was spending too much time planning, and not enough time actually enjoying the meals I planned to eat. 

I finally developed a meal planning system, and that system changed dinner time at my house! I've created healthy, delicious meal plans that the whole family enjoys - my family has been testing these menus for over a year, and they have become raving fans! In 365: One Year of Healthy Meal Plans for Busy Families, I share one whole year of healthy, gluten-free meal plans (and lots more!) so you can cross meal planning off of your list and get down to the good stuff. 



Twelve months of meals - breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, all planned out for you. I help you save time in the kitchen by rotating breakfasts and lunches throughout the month, cooking and freezing some meals for easy dinners later in the month, and more!

What's inside:


Twelve months of weekly and monthly shopping lists, marked with dinner ingredient numbers so you can cross off items you don't need or meals that you don't wish to make.

Over forty simple recipe cards.



Months of weekly prep-ahead ideas to help you save time in the kitchen.

Twelve mix-and-match printable pages of meal ideas - 70 Low-Carb Snack Ideas, Oatmeal Ideas, Low-Fat Quinoa Ideas, Rice Ideas, Scrambled Egg Ideas, Scrambled Egg White Ideas, Side Dish Ideas, Snack Lunch Ideas, Sweet Potato Ideas, Deli Meat Roll-Up Ideas, Frozen Veggie Ideas, and Salad Ideas

Twelve blank calendar templates if you want to switch up the order of meals.


Two Time Saving Digital Options to Choose From:

$17.99 = less than $1.50 per month for a complete family menu, plus recipes, prep-ahead ideas, bonus meal ideas, snack ideas, and more!

Package 1: 

365 Book + Free Bonus Meal Planning Printables


Package 2 Upgrade:

365 Book + Free Bonus Meal Planning Printables + 

Editable Worksheets to make the plan fully customizable!

$17.99 + 8.00 for the full meal plan book, PLUS completely customizable, editable spreadsheet versions of the meal plans and shopping lists! The customizable version makes it SO EASY to feed your family meals they will love! Swap in a family favorite, add what you need to the editable grocery list - it's all quick and easy with the editable spreadsheets!



Q: Can I still use the shopping lists if I don't want to make one of the meals on the menu?

Q: How do I view the recipes? 

Q: What's in the editable worksheets?

A: The recipes used in each menu are either linked to other websites on the clickable PDF menu or are included with the simple recipe cards.

Q: Do these menus work with special diets? 

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes! These menus work for anyone eating a healthy, gluten-free diet. If you follow Trim Healthy Mama, I have a separate, totally free download that tells you which fuel type goes with each meal. 

A: Yes! The dinner meals are marked by number on the shopping lists, so you can cross off any items that you don't wish to use or meals you don't want to make. 

Q: Will I get a book in the mail?

A: No, this ebook is in digital format only. You'll receive an email with a link to download a PDF of the book.

A: The new editable upgrade includes two spreadsheets so you can fully customize your meal plan and shopping list to fit your family!

Can be opened and edited with Microsoft XCEL or Google Sheets 

About the Author

Hi! I’m Jen - a work-at-home homeschooling mom of five kids under the age of 12. After was published in the best-selling "Trim Healthy Mama Plan" book as a meal planning resource, I received more and more requests for easy to access healthy meal plans and shopping lists all in one place.

I created 365: One Year of Healthy Meal Plans for Busy Families to help busy moms create healthy meals without the time and effort of planning and putting together shopping lists. My hope is that this book will help you to eat by design, instead of by default, and enjoy meal time as a family without the stress!

365: One Year of Healthy Meal Plans for Busy Families

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A gluten-free printable meal planning pack for an entire year and beyond!